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04 Jun
04Jun is a Smart Online Tutoring Platform for school students, providing a combination of online, mobile and physical tutoring to assist them in enhancing their knowledge and thus improving their performance.

It has designed the platform where parents and students can find the best suited Private Tuition in the city of Pune.

According to the best knowledge and research, the platform led by the versatile team of Ali Asgar Kagzi and Asad Daud, Genext Students Private Limited has been awarded honour by the state of Rajasthan under the ‘Yuva Udyamita Protsahan Yojana', and therefore taking education system to the next level.

How does it help? 

1. Private tuition is that lessons can easily customise to suit each student. This helps the students chose whatever way of teaching and learning they are comfortable with and then can proceed with it.

2. Unlike schools and colleges, where students generally not have the option to choose the right teacher for themselves. Hence they eventually get inattentive and distracted. Often, it has been seen that few teachers out of their overly strict attitude and less care make the students demotivated. Genext student gives the opportunity to select.

3. It raises the confidence level of the students as they memories whatever they need to learn. And also gets help regarding the homework beforehand and gets prepared with the help of private tuition.

4. Private tuition doesn't make it boring. It is less formal the students get the interest to study more than they are interested in the classes.

5. Tuition helps in the involvement of parents. Parents don’t have any idea what goes around inside the class. But when the students are studying at home, the private tutor helps and discussed the strong point and the flaws of the students making their academic base strong.

So get your consultation form and hire your desired tutor.

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