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28 Jun

The system of education has come a long way to this 21st century, and the way of studying and teaching has completely changed. There are prescribed books for every subject with whole education inclined towards finding the job with great packages. The place of receiving education has also transformed from learning under the tree to learning in the air-conditioned classrooms.

Nowadays, we do not even need classrooms to learn as we can study at home only through the internet with the help of many websites. We can also take the help of a home tutor, which is just like a personal trainer. He/she trains a student in different or single subjects of his/her proficiency. Now, private tuitions or home tuitions are considered as one of the most effective ways of helping students achieve their academic excellence. Genext Students acts as a middleman between students and home tutors and helps them to meet each other. The company provides students with the world-class home tutors and allows teachers to land a job based on their teaching interest.

One needs to type Private Home Tuition in Pune at to meet with the world-class teachers at their doorsteps. Genext has completely revolutionised the way of learning and is also providing individuals with the employment opportunities of their interests, and this helps the student to grasp things faster than its peers as he is benefited with the one to one attention and personalised lesson plans that specifically address their weaker subject areas. The tutors from Genext Student are trained effectively and have different techniques and plans for the exams.

Genext Students is the 1st Hybrid Tutoring platform combining the best of private tutoring with technology-enabled learning for CBSE, ICSE, International and State Boards. It has been awarded RED HERRING TOP 100 ASIA COMPANIES award 2016 and listed among TOP 40 EDU-TECH startup in the Asia Pacific (2015). Led by the fantastic team of Ali Asgar Kagzi and Asad Daud, this organisation has generated many historical results and has adorned many lives.

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