Company Profile: Genext Students Private Limited

19 Dec

The world around us is changing and so must the education system of India in order to compete with the current trends of the international market. The emergence of the internet has indeed changed the entire landscape of teaching and education as a whole.

Genext Students looks to use the power of the internet and the technology in an effective manner and has simplified the entire process of Home Tutoring. It provides a great platform for students and the parents concerned to select the most compatible Home Tutor for the respective candidates. The firm aims to create an aura of e-learning which assists in connecting students and parents to a wide range of home tutors.

Genext is not only revolutionizing the entire education system of the nation but also providing better opportunities to Home Tutors that have the passion for teaching and spreading knowledge. In addition to its unique and one of a kind service, the students also get an additional benefit of receiving regular and up to date digital content. Students can now save time and get study material right on their doorstep.

Based on the online activities of a student, parents can now track the growth and performance of their children on a regular basis. Being responsible for the creation of such innovative education system Genext Students Private Limited has had the honor of being awarded by the state of Rajasthan under the ‘Yuva Udyamita Protsahan Yojana’. The firm has also been listed among the top 40 ed-technology savvy start-ups present within Asia Pacific and has also been nominated Red herring Top 100 Asia Awards respectively.

Led by the dynamic team of Ali Asgar Kagzi and Asad Daud, Genext Students looks to take the education industry by storm by its new and innovative approach to provide home tutoring.

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