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31 Aug

With the world running at the speed of light, somewhere the value of education is lost. People nowadays believe that education means classroom learning and that there are no career lines except for engineering and medical. Genext students are one such education institute which is creating a revolution by changing the mind-set of the people.

Providing classes to students since the 6th standard, Genext students have helped in shaping the youth of the country in a good way. It has shown its students that in the field of science, there are lots of options other than engineering and medical. Being one of the top tutoring institutes, it believes that students should be taught in their comfort level and that classroom learning won't give the knowledge required.

This is the main reason why Genext students have started the method of home tutoring. It appoints teachers who are capable enough to give knowledge to the students and help them grow. Parents can go through the profile of the teacher through the website of Genext students and choose a tutor according to their choice.

There are many Tuition Teacher in Bangalorewho are appointed by Genext students to teach the children. By making a change in the way of teaching, Genext students has already opened its branches in several metro cities of the nation and is now trying to spread knowledge in the areas where even electricity is scarce.

Genext students believe that education is the foremost right of a human being and that it should be availed by everyone irrespective of their gender, caste or from the family they belong. To make this aim true, Genext students are now trying to open an education institute in villages where the children can gain knowledge and can know the value of education in life.

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