21 Nov

In the present day world, time is one of the major concerns. Parents after their hectic day do not find enough time to devote for their children. Particularly in metropolitan cities, most students grumble about the same. This leaves them with no proper attention to their children's personal development matters, especially studies. Well, ‘Genext Students’ offers a solution to this problem.

‘Genext Students’ is a digital platform that provides with tuition teachers as well as accessibility to the study resources to the students in both online and offline format. Students and parents can avail these services right at their doorstep. They provide study materials for CBSE, ICSE, International as well as State boards in an exam-oriented manner, so that students don't fret over examinations.

The objective of Genext Students is twofold. One to improve and transform the Indian education system by incorporating technology and science into the education structure and the other to create opportunities for tuition teachers who desire to impart their knowledge to others. They mainly provide tuition teachers in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. These home tutors are chosen in such a way that is best-suited for the child.

The pioneers Ali Asgar Kagzi and Asad Daud aim to create a network that would indulge the parents, students, and tutors equally to bring out the best results from a student. Apart from ensuring the development and progress of a kid, Genext Students also works to promote home tutors and tuition teachers in India. This has been gaining high recognition specifically in Bangalore.

Due to the enlightening vision of the company and for its past services, it has been awarded as a winner of Red Herring Top 100 Asia Companies. Also has been listed among the top 40 Edu-Tech start-ups in the Asia Pacific for utilizing technology and digital tools to deliver quality educational content all over India.

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